Everyone is searching for perfection, striving to be perfect, trying to achieve a state of future perfection, the perfect body, relationship, job, whatever.    We think if I just do this one thing, or change this one thing then everything will be perfect.  But perfecti...

Everyone has challenges.. Yes?  The question is: Why? (Yes, that's what I always want to know...).  What is the point of all these challenges?  Sometimes It seems like you just get comfortable and everything is working fine, when suddenly out of nowhere something gives...

Yoga is everywhere these days.  Most people think it is good or even great, but very few can actually define it.   As a word, yoga means uniion, or to yoke... meaning to become one with the universe.  The word itself has nothing to do with specific poses, or techniques...

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The Inner Meaning of Yoga

July 4, 2014

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September 20, 2017

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