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Finding Perfection

Everyone is searching for perfection, striving to be perfect, trying to achieve a state of future perfection, the perfect body, relationship, job, whatever. We think if I just do this one thing, or change this one thing then everything will be perfect. But perfection by definition cannot ever be achieved in the future. Perfection does not exist in the future, nor does it exist in the past. Like God, perfection exists only in the present moment. If you stop trying to achieve it, you will realize it has been there all along and is just waiting for you to see it."

This is the nature of perfection. One can not create it because it already exists, therefore one must seek to become aware of it. The first step is to be grateful. By being grateful for what IS currently we set the platform for the great cosmic intelligence to reveal a greater understanding of what is than we perceived before, continuing in a spiral this way, until finally with our heart open we become filled with awe for the moment in which we find ourselves: the perfect moment.

The secret then to happiness, fulfillment and everlasting joy is to stay in the present moment. The future is created by the present, at which point it is no longer called the future, but the present. Therefore how can you expect the future to be perfect if the present is not perfect? Can you make a cake out of mud and expect that in the future it will become chocolate? There is no logic in that, yet we seek to do this all the time. "Everything will perfect once I've got this one thing." The logic is flawed, false. This misunderstanding of spiritual truth lies at the root of much of our perceived suffering. We believe that a happy future can be created from an unhappy present. It is not accurate. Only happiness can create happiness, and only perfection can create perfection.

And as far as the past is concerned, that past and those things which we are holding onto so dearly, the hurts, the pain and suffering, their time has already passed, but by holding onto them, we bring them into the present, where perfection is waiting for us, creating an imperfect experience of perfection, which then causes our future to be full of the same pain we dragged with us into the present. This is the vehicle by which karma is perpetuated. We take the past to create the present, thereby accidentally creating a future from our painful past.

The secret of the past is to know that whatever it was that happened was perfect when it happened, even that which caused you hurt. When you can do this, when you can look upon your past with gratefulness it will develop the ability to see that everything which happened, was not only good, but for the best and also perfect. With the perfection which you now see in the past, you are moving towards being able to see the perfection of the present moment. Then the past no longer haunts you, and the future no longer scares you. This is the true gift of the present moment. It truly can heal all hurts and set us free.

Does this mean that change is never needed? No, it doesn't mean that at all, in fact change is often the result of the perfection of the present moment. But actual change does not come from a place of hurt and unhappiness, rather from a place of fulfillment. Like the mud cake, a change made from suffering will only bring suffering, not happiness. A change made from anger will only recreate the anger. This is because only perfection has the ability to CREATE something NEW. When you are not aligned with perfection, when you are not in the present moment, you are under the illusion that you are creating change, but what you are actually doing is repeating the past. It looks like the situation is different, but you are not different, so how can what you are creating be different. If you are not different, if you are not in that space of positive appreciation of the wonder of life, then even though you are taking steps to make change, no change will come because the conditions to create change require the presence of perfection. Without that perfection of the present moment then what you create will be more of the same.

Circumstances may try to take you out of it, but just keep searching for the deep appreciation of the present until it's gifts are revealed to you. When you find yourself out of perfection, bring your mind back to the things for which you are grateful, and it will start opening the door for perfection to reveal itself to you.

Perfection is longing for your companionship. It is craving for your attention. It is a loving, wise, kind, good and loyal presence that seeks to bestow upon you its blessings. Look for it and you will find it waiting for you with open arms. Mighty is the person who has found perfection as his friend."

Did you like this blog and want more of the same? Did you agree/disagree? Why? Share your wisdom and insight with us and maybe we can come together to create something together that will be greater than before.

Chris Merrill is a teacher, yogi, mystic, musician and down to earth person with a vision of a world where unconditional love is the foundation of all things and unity is the leading vector of our being. For more information about Chris, please visit

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