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Taking time to yourself to heal, grow, and learn is a crucial part to your own self generated healing.  During these powerful times that we are going through individually and collectively, we recommend getting Harmonyum at least twice per week, acommpanied by Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling as needed to help you work on your health and peace of mind. For more information on specific sessions, lengths, pricing please fill out the contact form.

Harmonyum Healing


After a few sessions of Harmonyum, your whole being, from the tips of your toes to the top of your head, vibrates in communion and unison with cosmic life. Harmonyum aligns everything within you so that you are finely tuned to your instinct toward well being; you will become wiser, more perspicacious, and turn toward your higher nature as sunflowers turn toward the Sun. Several sessions of Harmonyum can raise the whole spiritual and cosmic entity of the body to such a superior frequency that no form of disease can continue to exist, nor can further disease attack.


Harmonyum gives you strength, power and light; as you experience its gentle warmth, your body will undergo processes of embellishment, intensification, purification and sanctification of life that enhances all of your faculties. Receiving Harmonyum expands your light to reach other unseen regions and luminous beings, which causes them to come to your aid and inspire you to cherish your health..

Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling
"Private Kabbalah Consultation"


A Holistic Kabbalistic Counselor supports each client to learn more about him/herself. It is a one-on-one counseling session rooted in the laws of nature and the mathematics of spirituality, designed to take anyone, anywhere, in any situation from fate to destiny.

Holistic Kabbalistic Counseling is a unique way of offering help. The Holistic Kabbalistic Counselor creates a neutral space through which the vast, powerful and timeless wisdom of Universal Kabbalah and Naam Yoga go to work to address the very source of the obstacle standing between the self and the higher self of the individual or couple with whom they work.


Universal Kabbalah Lessons


Learning Universal Kabbalah in a one-on-one session allows for powerful individualized learning and a deep, sacred connection to take place between the wisdom of Universal Kabbalah and the student including special attention to be able to aplpy the teachings immeditately in their own specific life.

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