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WEEKLY CLASSES HELD AT NAAM YOGA LA:  (For more information see below)


MONDAYS             7:00pm:   Shakti Naam Yoga (with a theme starting 9/25 "Magic Mondays") - All Levels 75 mins 

FRIDAYS                 2:30pm:   Naam Yoga Therapies for Thyroid Health and Hormone Balance - All Levels  75 mins (By donation)


NAAM YOGA LA is located at 1231 4th Street,  Santa Monica, CA 90291    310-751-7550

Shakti Naam Yoga "Magic Mondays"  Mondays at 7:00pm, 75 mins


Magic Mondays is a special themed Shakti Naam Yoga Class during Fall 2017 that features a recurring set of monthly classes.  Each class contains its own format, including projected colors, customized music, yogic exercises and special meditations to support the theme.  

1st Monday of each month:  Make it happen Monday (Red) 

Make it happen Monday is an invigorating Shakti Naam class dedicated to manifesting your desires.  This can include time to meditate, visualize, journal, and consciously bring forth your vision, or start with a new one and see what you can create.  This class features gentle red lighting to invigorate participants, and special mediations for manifestation


After the class will be an informal gathering of students who want to share their vision and ask for help, or offer their services to help others make their visions come true.  This could be anything from graphic design, web design, organizational skills, or even accountability skills.  We will meet from 8:30-9:30 at Naam Yoga LA, in the lounge or upstairs.  Gathering is free for class participants.  

2nd Monday of each month:  coMMunity Monday (Blue)

coMMunity Monday is a Shakti Naam class that brings together people in the spirit of Community to experience the fun of community, partner meditations and a shared community meal.  Before the class, participants put their menu request in by selecting a specific food selection. After the class, participants will gather together to enjoy their community meal, for FREE.  

3rd Monday of each month:  peace of Mind Monday (Yellow)

peace of Mind Monday is a Shakti Naam class with an emphasis on meditations to calm the mind, and soothe the emotions.  This class will include gentle movement,  special seated, soothing breath meditations, visualizations to engage the mind, and will feature at least 22 mins of "naamathon style" mantra meditation to support the class topic of bringing peace of Mind.

4th Monday of each Month:  My wealth Monday (Green)

My wealth Monday is an action oriented shakti Naam class with an emphasis on techniques that will generate wealth for a person, including meditation, wisdom, visualization and other special techniques to cause a shift in the aura of the people that come to help them generate more wealth in their life.  Each Monday will include a different set of meditations that attendees can take home to practice on their own.  

5th Monday of each month (when it happens)  New Music Monday:  (Purple)

new Music Monday is an energizing class dedicated to exploring Music by Chris Merrill and other Naam Yogis and to support and celebrate the creative spirit.  Celebrate with us.


Naam Yoga Therapies for Thyroid Health and Hormone Balance:   Fridays at 2:30pm, 75 mins


Naam Yoga LA exists to help those with specific health issues take ownership of their wellbeing at a deep cellular and subconscious level. If you or a loved one are affected by Thyroid or Glandular issues, please join us for our free community class focused on Thyroid and Glandular Health. Health professionals and care providers will also benefit from the information presented in our Naam Yoga Therapies classes. Let the healing science of Naam help you let go of frustration, heal yourself and experience vitality.


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