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The Names of God  (Released 7/28/17)

The Hebrew Names of God is an album of simple and traditional melodic invocations of the Hebrew Names of God.  Set to a simple melody these Divine Names are powerful, simple, and beyond space and time.   They should be performed with absolute respect and tremendous reverence.  This album is designed to be of use to the practitioner of Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. 


These names can be invoked for Divine Guidance, and can be combined for advanced applications by experienced practitioners for further applications and benefits.  

It is strongly recommended that this CD only be used for meditation in a clean space, with a candle lit.  We do not recommend one use it as a casual playlist out of reverence for the wisdom contained within.  For further information on the use of these names of God, please explore the book Lifting the Veil by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry available at

Track 1 & 2:  The Kabbalah Cross.  

Atah, Malkuth, Vegevurah, Vegedulah, Leolam, Amen.  

Translation:  To Thee oh Father, The Kingdom, The Power, The Glory, Forever and Ever, Amen.


The invocation is a traditional Kabbalistic prayer.  It has so many benefits and can be expounded upon infinitely.  Most important is the by performing this prayer, along with specific hand gestures, you can stabilize your aura, and bring yourself into balance with the energy of the time and space.  It is a simple, powerful prayer.  For more information, please explore the Universal Kabbalah Study and Certification Program available at

Track 3-39

These tracks are recorded in various ways, both traditional, and simple invocation of the various names of God.  

NEW CD:   ALBUM #16:  Middle Pillar (Released November 24, 2017)

This album is the 3rd in the line of the Sacred Sounds Series, and is a recorded version of The Middle Pillar Ritual.  Also known as "Meditation on the line of Equilibrium" this is a traditional kabbalistic ritual and an excellent preparation for visualization and deeper work.  For more information on the specifics of this ritual, one can read the book "Lifting the Veil" by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.

For those who are experienced with the ritual, they will note various cues along the way that guide them what to do and when.  Particularly the last several minutes of the track after the invocations experienced practitioners can listen to the chimes and understand the meaning/cues performed within.  


Please Note:  This is a sacred track, with some of the most sacred names of the Divine, some so sacred that they are not even able to be pronounced in certain traditions.  Please use reverence and consciousness when playing this track.  Be sure the space is clear/clean, that there is a candle lit, and that you are physically clean and pure of heart and mind.  Finally, we do not recommend listening to this track as just physical enjoyment.  The purpose truly is to provide the practitioner a powerful spiritual tool to use for spiritual growth.  Please approach this with practice with a knowledge of what to do and do not take it lightly.

Track 1:  Middle Pillar (3 Repetitions)


This track is the traditional version of the Middle Pillar Ritual with a slight difference in the track, meaning that the Divine Names are performed with a tune, rather than a monotone.  This practice is perfectly acceptable, and if the practitioner can bring the emotions into play with the tune, will be very powerful.  Each Divine Name is repeated three times.


Track 2:  Middle Pillar (8 Repetitions)


This track is also the traditional version of the Middle Pillar Ritual with a slight difference in the track, meaning that the Divine Names are performed with a tune, rather than a monotone.  This practice is perfectly acceptable, and if the practitioner can bring the emotions into play with the tune, will be very powerful. Each Divine Name is performed Eight Times.


NEW CD:   ALBUM #17:  Invoking Archangels (Released November 24, 2017)

This album is the 4th in the Sacred Sounds series.  This album is a spiritual tool; it is a powerful and deeply effective addition to the background of any spiritual person.  It contains within it various recordings of the archangels who rule each of the 10 "numerations" or regions of the Universe.  Additionally it contains a powerful technique for invoking the 7 archangels who rule the 7 days of the week.  Each track is recorded using specific soundscapes that are drawn from the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, therefore magnifying the potency and the impact.  For those versed in Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, you will find the emotional qualities of the tracks actually embeded within the music.  Each track its own soundscape and also the various tracks work together as a whole, through a continued beat, and chord progression that makes listening to the entire thing beautiful.  

This album has 12 archangel names in it, and uses a different instrumental bed to change the feeling of every single angel.  Although the root chord structure is the same, each Archangel has a truly different feeling.  Following the archangel name, there is approximately 45 seconds of time for a prayer to be said.  Please note that it is important to have accurate knowledge of what angel rules what area of life.  Most of the popular lore has information that is inaccurate.  I recommend working with any of the books by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  For more information, you can use the book Lifting the Veil, or The Alchemy of Love Relationships by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  


The archangels recordings are like 12 different songs.  There is purpose in each one, in each aspect of the recordings.


Track 1:  Metatron Atmospheric - you will hear the swirling of the first vortex.

Track 2:  Ratziel  Atmospheric  - you will hear all 12 Chromatic Tones resolving into a single melodic Chord


Track 3:  Tzaphkiel Atmospheric - You will hear the march of time.


Track 4:  Binael Atmospheric - You will hear the holy spirit, the Divine Mother, and the quiet power of purity.  Also the vowel ooo.  


Track 5:  Tsadkiel Atmospheric - You will hear the sound of a coin rolling on a table, the jingle of money and the laughter of positivity.  You will note a 3 beat laughter superimposed over the 


Track 6:  Kamael Atmospheric - you will hear the electricity of the guitar and the magnetism and attraction of the rock star


Track 7:  Raphael Atmospheric - you will hear the 7 muses and the inspiration of the heavens


Track 8:  Hanael Atmospheric - You will hear the feeling of Love.  And also the words love, unconditional and I love you


Track 9:  Mikael Atmospheric - you will hear the sound of the neurons active in the brain, each one sending a message to be passed along.


Track 10:  Gabriel  Atmospheric - you will hear the power of Yesod - the lower daat, ruling women, and the voice


Track 11:  Auriel Atmospheric - you will hear the beat of matter, and a rhythmic driven sensation. 


Track 12:  Sandalphon Atmospheric - he who binds everything to matter.


Tracks 13-19 are special 4 part invocations using combinations of the Archangels for bringing out the best of any situation.  For more information on this, please reference the book “The Alchemy of Love Relationships” By Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. 


Track 13:  Archangels 4 Parts Raphael


Track 14:  Archangels 4 Parts Gabriel


Track 15:  Archangels 4 Parts Kamael


Track 16:  Archangels 4 Parts Mikael


Track 17:  Archangels 4 Parts Tsadkiel


Track 18:  Archangels 4 Parts Hanael


Track 19:  Archangels 4 Parts Tsaphkiel

NEW CD:   ALBUM #18:  Prayers and Psalms (Released November 9, 2018)

This album is the 5th in the Sacred Sounds series.  It was created to serve as a backdrop for those with a daily personal practice working with prayers and psalms, as well as to be to be used in more formal ritual practice.  Each track is recorded with evocative music to assist the practitioner in amplifying their prayer.  

Track 1:  Stained Glass Windows

This simple track sets the tone for album.  This piece was originally created to serve as a background for one of the Archangels on the previous album, Invoking Archangels.  I liked it so much that we rewrote it to be a stand alone piece.  It evokes a simple feeling of being inside a church, or the feeling of turning on a Sunday radio show.  The simple tune could very easily be a 4 part hymn sung in a church service.

Track 2:  The Gospel of John

A beautiful background of sounds bring out the best of this powerful prayer.  It brings light when one needs it and has been used by great kabbalists in times of need.  You can recite it one time, three times, or eleven times to amplify the effect.

Track 3:  Opening Prayer for Spiritual Work

This stanza is traditionally used before many psalms in order to bring out the healing effect of the psalm.  It is included here so that one can use it in ritual work.

Track 4:  Prayer for Spiritual Intelligence

This powerful psalm cleans the mind, activates intuition and can be sued to bring the best out one's self.  

For more information on Tracks 5-9, please consult The Healing Fire of Heaven by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, available at

Track 5:  Prayer for Purity and Blessings

Track 6:  Prayer against Skin Disturbances and Cancer

Track 7:  Psalm 91

Track 8:  The Lords Prayer

Track 9:  Hail Mary

Track 10:  Psalm 23

This powerful prayer in included here because its a staple in kabbalistic prayer practices.  Recitation cleanses the mind and causes one to be aware of the true source of all things.  Can be used to bring wealth. 

Track 11:  Psalm 119

This powerful prayer has 22 pieces and is a perfect practice to be done on Solstices and Equinoxes, as well as on your birthday to renew and harmonize one's energy entirely as well as setting the space for a perfect year.  For more information, please read Lifting the Veil by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, availableat


Track 12:  Prayer of Light

This powerful kabbalistic prayer engages the formula of creation for cosmic and personal blessings. It is a perfect mystical formula for spiritual operations.

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