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COMING SOON - May 19, 2024

The Success Key is a meditation sequence taught that is designed to bring success in every aspect of your life.  Originally given by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, this 2 part sequence combines two mantras each with a specific purpose:  Sat Nam 40x per breath and Wahe Guru 40x per breath.

Sat Nam 40x per breath is a mantra of balance.  It stimulates the frontal lobe which regulates the personality.  This mantra also balances the 5 "Tattuas" or elements and creates a ground, balanced state of being.

Wahe Guru 40x per breath is a mantra of intuition.  It allows one to cultivate intuition and stimulate the 3rd eye, center of Success and Clarity.  It also neutralizes the Body of Pain, the cause of most of our suffering, ingrained patterns and negative emotional states.  In essence it neutralizes the reactive and sabotaging tendencies so that we approach life from a higher level of awareness.

Together these two meditations balance the Animal, Human and Divine forces within us, so we can achieve our goals and manifest our desires.  The Success Key brings Consistency, Motivation and the Capac

TRACK 1.  The Success Key - Full Meditation
This track combines The Success Key meditation for individual practice with tuning in, tuning out and time for visualization, all in a single through mixed track.  The track includes
   * Tuning in with Triple Mantra
   * Sat Nam 40x
   * Wahe Guru 40x
   * Visualization
   * Tuning Out with Om Shanti

This track is recommended for those practicing The Success Key meditations alone, or separate from their individual practice as it provides the necessary beginning and ending.

TRACK 2.  The Success Key - Meditation only
This track contains the 2 mixed meditations for use in one's daily Naam Meditation Practice.

Complete/Individual versions of the Sat Nam meditation can be found on the albums Sat Naam Simran and Practical Naam

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