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Released July 19, 2024

The Light is a Kabbalistic meditation taught as a practice to train one's consciousness to focus on light.  Combining visualization & sound to stimulate feelings of health and expansion this meditation is profound and powerful. Originally given by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, this simple meditation is done silently at the end of one's practice.  Chanting is an active and passive practice as one is both listening and making sound, where in turn practicing The Light is a passive visualization.

About The Music

Each of these tracks contain within them the 3 polarities that are required to create light:  Unity, Departure from Unity, and a Reconciliation wherein one moves into Divinity.  Likewise the first segment is a positive, single polarity, where in the recording one literally hears only a single note pulsing.  Then the second polarity arrives, beginning to distract and create some departure from the single note.  Finally as one continues to focus on the light, you begin to hear a beautiful, heavenly presence as a chord becomes present.  These 3 segments are present in each track.

The Practice
The practice is simple:  sit silently and imagine yourself in a field of light, in every direction around you, becoming brighter and vaster.  Feel the warmth, the intensification of the light.  If the mind wonders, you just bring your focus back to the visualization.  You can add a source sun above you and also a sun in your heart if that helps.

This sacred meditation is normally practiced for 10-15 minutes, but we know that meditation requires the ability to work up to a longer time, therefore we've produced 4 different tracks:

TRACK 1.  Liquid Light 5 min

TRACK 2.  Liquid Light 8 min

TRACK 3.  Liquid Light 10 min

TRACK 4.  Liquid Light 15 min

Benefits of Practice:
Practicing The Light meditation brings a connection to the sun and the light.  It causes the body to become relaxed, warm, vitalized.  It positively reduces stress and assists the mind to become calm.  Working with this practice activates unknown powers of the mind as well as brings an ability to focus.  It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system to come into balance, nourishes the heart center and stimulates our visualization center.  The more one practices, the easier and more quickly one is able to come into a relaxed state, and to call on it at all times.  

When one is connected to the light, darkness flees, challenges pass, dark thoughts and negative emotions pass quickly out of the mind leading to a serene, and positive outlook.  And the more one connects consciously to the light, the more one also connects unconsciously, leading to a positive state of mind that is thinking of the light even when not being directed to do so.


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