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Note from Chris Merrill

As a practicing yogi and teacher, I always found myself wishing that I had various lengths of tracks that I could put on for various exercises, either for savasana, or even just to meditate with.  I was tired of having to use a timer that i had to shut off at the end of the track because I was in deep meditation.  Sometimes I just wanted to create some space within my playlist.  That's where the name came from:  Naam Spacer.  This series is exactly that - tracks that range from 15 secs, 30 secs, 45 secs, and 1 min to 11 minutes so that I could build playlists that accurately represented the music I wanted to play without having to use a timer.  

Om & Silent Meditation:
A simplified version of the Om A

tmostpheric track, so that its easier to go into deep meditation with all the timed "Spacer" intervals, combined with a silent meditation track that gives you a bell at the beginning and end of the track.

Rain & Stream

Enjoy these two beautiful nature sounds in timed intervals for deep meditation.  You will find that while it seems easy to get rain or stream sounds, these two Spacers are happy and gentle and make for perfect meditation.  For a little bit of fun, we've included a different rain track that includes a little bit of light thunder.

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