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Chris Merrill is founder of Practical Naam, a production company whose music division creates beautiful original music tracks and practical teaching aides such as specific tracks for yoga, meditation, breathwork and prayer.  As a yogi, performing artist, teacher and music producer, Chris combines these talents to create teacher and practitioner driven tools that are relevant, musically interesting and practical.  


Practical Naam has released 8 albums from 5 different series', each dedicated to a specific aspect of Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam Yoga, and Universal Kabbalah as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  Each track is specifically designed to meet a need in the repertoire of a teacher or student, and details such as track purpose, track use, tempo, track length, breath, repetitions, and more are taken into account to create a truly useful and practical tool for teaching, for practicing and authentic spiritual growth.

Please note the deep thanks and gratefulness to all of those who have participated, encouraged and demanded the release of these albums.  I also wish to acknowledge Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, whose continuous positivity, encouragement and guidance has made all of this possible from day one.  May these spread like wildfire, assist in the great work and positively impact all beings everywhere pervading space and time.

NEW CD:  Seed Sounds Series:  New Moon & Full Moon for Healing (Released June 23, 2017)

This Album is the 2nd release in the Seed Sound Series.  It contains four tracks, and is designed to be utilized during the New Moon and during the Full Moon, but tracks 3 and 4 can be used at any time to bring balance and healing.  This album is also designed very much with the role of a meditation leader or Naam Yoga Teacher in mind to be a teachers aid for those teaching New Moon, or Full Moon workshops, or for those who are certified in the Full Moon Ritual as taught by Naam Yoga.  The tracks are simple, timeless and effective.

TRACK 1.  New Moon and Full Moon 3x

This track is a full repetition of the 12 kabbalistic seed sounds each repeated 3x and is designed to be used during the 1st 3 days of the new moon, the 10th and 11th day of the waxing moon, and on or around the full moon.  The track is recorded so as to give a "sample" of the seed sound being done, followed by 3 full repetitions of each sound.  The way that the track is recorded gives a perfect way for people that are new to the seed sounds to practice them, and for teachers to lead a group of people in performing the seed sounds so that the students know the word, pitch and melody of each sound they are making before they are expected to repeat them.   During most times performing all 12 kabbalistic seed sounds is not recommended because they create so much energy, but because of the impact of the new moon on Glandular secretions, and the cosmic state of balance that takes place during the new and full moons, it is okay to be performed during the 1st three days of the new moon, the 10th and 11th day of the waxing moon, and around the full moon time.  Do not chant the entire track more than once in a single meditation session.  For more advanced students who are already familiar with the seed sounds, please note there is a priceless recording of the seed sounds on the album "Healing Fire" by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  You can find it at

TRACK 2.  New Moon and Full Moon 7x

This track is similar to the 1st track on the album, but includes the sample sound, followed by 7 repetitions of the seed sounds. Do not chant the entire track more than once in a single meditation session. 

TRACK 3.  6 Healing Seed Sounds.

This is a very special combination of seed sounds that was given to me by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  He referred to it as a perfect recipe for health that can be used for self-healing regardless of the disease, and told me in detail what each word does/means. The 6 sounds are:  Aung, Rama, Mei, Ehm, Khei, Zo.   In short, this combination works with the glandular system and autonomous nervous system, simultaneously invoking the protective and nurturing cosmic force to heal any disease.  Each sound is set to a specific pitch to bring out the beneficial cosmic, planetary and astrological forces for your healing.

Set in a blissful, sonic landscape, this is a practice that can be done at any time, at any location and should be performed regularly, even twice a day when needed.  For those who are able, try chanting the mantra up an octave.  

TRACK 4.  Full Moon Sa Ta Na Ma

Sa Ta Na Ma is a mantra for clearing karma, and balancing the 5 tattuas (elements) for health and wellbeing.  This mantra can be used at any time to help overcome challenging patterns.  Together the 4 words indicate the unceasing cycle of life and death.  

Sa means Infinity

Ta means Life

Na means Death

Ma means Rebirth.

This is a perfect example of a track that can be used in many ways, and combines many techniques for healing into a single track.  It was originally designed to be be used as the sound track to the full moon meditation in the book Lifting the Veil, by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, which is a meditation that uses only mental chanting, in which case you would just listen while mentally repeating the words for 15 to 90 minutes of mental repetition of the mantra, which means you can perform this track for up to 3 repetitions.   For more information on this specific meditation, you can purchase the book at

NEW SERIES:  108 Series:   (Released June 23rd)

Note From Chris Merrill

As a yogi and someone who loves to meditate, and who teaches a lot, I have found certain meditations that I wished I had specific recordings of to practice with a Mala, or sometimes specific meditations of 108 repetitions.  Each of the albums in this series features mantras that have been recorded 108 times.  108 is a significant yogic number that represents the 108 yogic elements in the universe.  It also is an interval of the distance found between the earth and the Moon, and between the Earth and the Sun.  You can find more information on this pattern in the book Lifting the Veil by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry at  

Volume 1:  Mul Mantra 
This album has 2 different recordings of the Mul Mantra, both with 108 repetitions.  The first track, Mul Mantra 1x Per Breath, is a slow, consistent and rhythmically fascinating version of this mantra, repeated 108 times, one repetition per breath.  In some traditions, it is said that one must pause after the word "Jaap", (which means "chant", "say" or "repeat") before continuing on with the rest of the words, which is how this version is recorded.  This is a natural place to breath if you need to.  As a more advanced practice, do the whole thing in one breath.   The second track, Mul Mantra 3x Per Breath, is a faster version where the entire 26 words of the mantra are repeated 3x per breath.  This pattern alternates in a secondary pattern of 9 repetitions where you chant 3 out loud, 3 whispered and again 3 out loud, and in a larger pattern of 27 repetitions repeated four times.  The way this track is recorded requires full use of your breath capacity.

Volume 2:  Eck Ong 

This is a meditation that I learned of many years ago at the beginning of my spiritual journey.   Known for its ability to bring healing gifts to the person who practices it, this is a tremendously powerful practice, not to be taken lightly.  You will see this version of 108 is broken into four segments of 27, with each quarter having its own feeling that takes the meditator on a specific journey with a beautiful destination.  You will hear that the mantra indicating the 27th repetition of each section except the last has been deliberately removed, as a cue to let people know when they've performed a certain number of repetitions and to make it easier to practice 26 repetitions or 52 repetitions.  To chant 108, you should chant during the "empty" repetition.


This 6 track album contains most of the quintessential sounds and feelings of tracks produced by Practical Naam as a production company:  beautiful vocal meditation tracks amplified with sumptuous electronic music; haunting, deep, a capella tracks that you can listen to all day long; classical music themed meditation tracks; more traditional, spiritual music such as the Om Atmospheric track, and of course, practical tools to provide specific tracks for specific exercises. Read more about each of the tracks below:

TRACK 1.  Wahe Guru 40x.

This track is specifically for overcoming a person's body of pain, the destructive cycle of reaction that keeps us trapped in our own pain, and keeps us actively repeating that pain and passing it to others.  This track is recorded in such a way that you are only breathing approximately 2x per minute while you chant.  This pattern combined with the mantra Wahe Guru is a powerful activator of the pituitary gland for heightened intuition and glandular health.  This is a mantra of ecstasy and liberation. 

TRACK 2.  Sarbang Bowing

This track was designed originally to provide music for an exercise in The Science of Sound and Light, Volume 1, Kriya #1 by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry which requires rhythmic bowing to the mantra Sarbang Pranang. As one listens to the track, you can hear the kind of otherworldly presence that one experiences through the practice of bowing.  It sounds as though you are in the middle of the universe and can hear feel the top of your head open up as the entire universe opens around you.

Try this exercise with the head up on the word Sarbang in a kneeling position, and the head on the ground for Pranang.  You will be moving quickly.  Find a rhythm that works for you based on your level of fitness and comfort.

TRACK 3.  Ra Ra Ra Ra

This fun track was written in about 3 hours.  It was composed at the request of someone who needed a way to practice this track before there was a recording.  The mantra  is:  Ra Ra Ra Ra, Ma Ma Ma Ma, Rama, Rama, Rama, Rama, Sa Ta Na Ma.  This mantra is used to purify the blood from any type of blood disorder, and to bring protection through a strong auric field.  For a power impact, try inhaling 8x for one verse, and then chanting the next verse all in one breath.  Continue this way for the entire exercise.


TRACK 4.  One Four Two Breath Instrumental

There is a lot that can be said about this particular track.  It is a track designed to help people practice the 1:4:2 ration breaths that have been taught by many yogis, and which are found as a basis of advanced Naam Yoga Pranayam series'. 

This track is a perfect example of a practical application of Shakti Naam yogic science combined with Chris' background in Classical Music.   It has been recorded using a 7 bar pattern in order to accommodate the unique structure of this particular breath ratio.   At the same time it literally embodies the 1:4:2 through a traditional 1, 4, 5 chord structure which when rewritten implies the 1,4, 2 chord structure. 

Beyond the technical aspects, it is a soaringly beautiful chamber music piece reminiscent of the Rachmaninoff Vocalise, or many modern films scores such as Amercian Beauty that create a feeling of moving beyond space and time.  This is one of Chris' favorite tracks.

TRACK 5.  Wahe Guru Choir, Single Voice

This track was included here as in introduction to the science of Jaap/Naam Simran, where one repeats the same sounds over and over.  Recorded with 7 repetitions of the mantra Wahe Guru Per Breath, in a 4 note pattern, it can be understood in one way that this version turns Uranus into Neptune, or 4 into 7.  Try using this track to time your yoga practice, meditate using your mental voice, or sitting in silence and allow the beautiful vocal patterns calm you.  If you like this track, you will love the Album:  Wahe Guru Simran

TRACK 6.  Om Atmospheric

One of the first co-produced tracks with Chris Merrill and Allen Towbin, this unique Om track has an eastern feel to it.  It is perfect for sitting in silent meditation for 11 mins, and going deep beyond the physical.  Try imagining yourself in a sphere of light as you listen for 11 minutes.  Allow the internal stillness to descend, the mind to withdraw and the overtones to stimulate your 6th sense.


This 4 track album is dedicated to the naam Wahe Guru.   These  haunting deep acapella tracks feature 2 melodies:  Wahe Guru Cave and Wahe Guru Choir.

TRACK 1.  Wahe Guru Cave

This track was inspired by a Naam Simran experience Chris had in the beginning parts of his yogic studies.  A simple melody with a simple harmony, but with a 2 part pattern allows one to repeat this mantra for long periods of time without feeling bored, or tired of the same repetition.  Try using this with gentle yogic movement for a great practice

TRACK 2.  Wahe Guru Cave Single Voice

Like the name implies, he wanted to create something that sounded like a lone yogi siting in a cave, or on a mountaintop, praising the Divine over and over. Hear the echo in your mind as this hymn bouces off the surrounding peaks with the rising sun in the background.  Wahe Guru:  Wondrous Bringer of Light

TRACK 3.  Wahe Guru Choir

This is the first spiritual melody recorded by Chris.  After using it in personal practice for 7 years, he now releases a more produced version for everyone to practice.  It is a simple 15 second melody that repeats continously, but changes 1x every 4 minutes or so.  Layers of various harmonies change the melodic structure to make it more interesting.  This mantra is perfect for a gentle yoga practice, as chanting it in a single breath takes 15 seconds, which means you can chant fully and deeply as you go through any type of moving excercises you like.  For those who like a deep practice, try Naam Sun Salutations, or Naam Health Series, staying in each pose for 4 repetitions, or one minute.

TRACK 3.  Wahe Guru Choir Savasana Remix

Chris released this version as a specific remix to use for Savasana and the benefits of Simran, deep meditation, or sleeping to spiritual music .  This is a slower version mixed that features only 6 repetitions per verse. 


SEED SOUND SERIES:  12 Kabbalistic Seed Sounds


This album was born out of the desire to give Naam Yoga Students and practitioners a simple, easy approach to practice the 12 Kabbalistic Seed Sounds for the many health benefits that can be gained.  Each seed sound is recorded 3x, 7x, or 11x so that they can be easily added to a home practice, or to a class.  The seed sounds are recorded on the specific tones associated with that sound, to receive maximum benefit, regardless of if the person practitioner knows anything about the science of seed sounds.  You will notice that there is quite a bit of time between each repetition.  This is so that there is ample to inhale deeply, hold the breath, and give the full value of the sound in a single long breath.  If it is not easy to do in the beginning, you can practice until you get there. 


Please also note that the second album includes 3 bonus tracks of a unique way to practice the sound Ram for maximum benefit.


Note from Chris Merrill

As a practicing yogi and teacher, I always found myself wishing that I had various lengths of tracks that I could put on for various exercises, either for savasana, or even just to meditate with.  I was tired of having to use a timer that i had to shut off at the end of the track because I was in deep meditation.  Sometimes I just wanted to create some space within my playlist.  That's where the name came from:  Naam Spacer.  This series is exactly that - tracks that range from 15 secs, 30 secs, 45 secs, and 1 min to 11 minutes so that I could build playlists that accurately represented the music I wanted to play without having to use a timer.  

Om & Silent Meditation:
A simplified version of the Om A

tmostpheric track, so that its easier to go into deep meditation with all the timed "Spacer" intervals, combined with a silent meditation track that gives you a bell at the beginning and end of the track.

Rain & Stream

Enjoy these two beautiful nature sounds in timed intervals for deep meditation.  You will find that while it seems easy to get rain or stream sounds, these two Spacers are happy and gentle and make for perfect meditation.  For a little bit of fun, we've included a different rain track that includes a little bit of light thunder.

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